Faculty Orientation

Open Library Website in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

Welcome to our Faculty Orientation tutorial!

This tutorial has been designed to familiarize you with:

  • The library website
  • Services for research and reserve help
  • Our new Guide on the Side interactive tutorials


Use the arrows below to navigate through this tutorial.

You should be able to see the library website to the right. This website can be your first stop when conducting library research because we provide on or off-campus access to our online databases.

Take a look at the research tabs at the top.

Which tab is most appropriate to find JSTOR?

Now that you're familiar with the tabs at the top, including the Databases tab, take a look at the Library Catalog tab.

This searches what's in the library building for the most part. Click Advanced Search.

Quick searches are easy, especially if you already know what you want. Sometimes you are looking for something a little more complicated...

What if you can't remember a complete citation? Maybe you're looking for a book about "health" by a Ms. Johnson...

Search for "Johnson" as an Author Keyword, and put "Health" as a Title Keyword.

How many results do you get?

Maybe you want to place some of these books on reserve. How can your students browse what you put on reserve for them?

Let's take a look at Course Reserves. Click Reserves at the top of the screen:

Reserves banner

Let's take a look at someone's current course reserve list.

Search "Hage" by Professor or Instructor.

Click Blasphemy & Devotion to see the class list.

What's the name of the first book?

Now let's take a look at where to get help and other information. Click Library Home in the top banner to get home.

If you or your students need help, they can of course contact us. For self-help, see our Research Help Center. The Link is under Ask a Librarian at the bottom.

This is a searchable database of FAQs and helpful information. Use the search box to find information.

Try searching "lexisnexis" to find What is new with LexisNexis?

If the answer isn't satisfactory to you, can contact us on the right, or use the Topics pull-down to browse more questions.

Find questions about Books.

How many questions are there?

Last but not least, how do you contact one of us?

Go back to Library home and click About us on the left-hand sidebar and find the Staff Directory.

What's Stephanie's extension?

Thanks for completing the tutorial! Be sure to print out your results and turn them in to your instructor in class or on Blackboard.

For email confirmation:

Use a personal email (@gmail.com, @outlook.com etc), NOT your @sju.edu address

For printing:

Just put your full name in the Name box and leave email blank

Not near a printer?

Print the page as a PDF by selecting Save as PDF or Print as PDF in your print settings.


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