Open Hoover's in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

Welcome to our Hoover's tutorial! This tutorial has been designed to familiarize you with using Hoover's for company research. 

Use the arrows below to navigate through this tutorial.

Change the dropdown menu from All to Companies.

Now search for Kellogg.

How many results do you get?

Now use the left-hand navigation to narrow it down to ownership type. You will have to scroll down.

There are three types: Public, Owned by a Public Company, and Non-public.

Limit it to Public.


Stock exchange and symbol.

Now do a search for the Headquarters of Cisco. 

What's Cisco's, the technology company, stock trading information? 

Click on the linked company name to view the report.

Take a minute to browse the page.

Under which heading can you find the company's appropriate NAICS and SIC codes?

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