Welcome to the Introduction to EconLit!

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • search EconLit effectively
  • find academic journal articles
  • search by authors and people.

The official database of the American Economic Association, EconLit covers nearly every area related to economics.

It will help you find: articles from major journals, citations to essays, papers, books, book reviews and dissertations.

Use the arrows below to navigate through the tutorial.

Basic Search

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Search for articles on "gender and wages." You can type that phrase in the box or put "gender" and "wages" in two different search boxes.

How many results do you get?

Basic Search

2 of 3Limiting your search:

Try using the Source Types limiters on the left to display only Academic Journal articles.

academic journal checkbox

Basic Search

3 of 3Take a look at the date range on the left. Notice we have articles from the 70s to the present. What if we only want recent articles?

Use the date slider to limit the articles by date published.

Try limiting it to articles published from 2008 to present.

About how many articles do we have published from 2008 to present?

Searching for people

1 of 3In this example let's try searching for articles by or about an economist.

Click New Search in the upper-left.

Type in "Paul Krugman" and click search.

Use the Select a Field pull-down menu to select AU Author. This will search for works that he wrote.

How many results do you get?

Searching for people

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Now let's find articles about Paul Krugman.

Change the pull-down menu to NP Named Person and hit Search.

How many results do you get?

Excellent! You should now have some insight as to the usage of EconLit database. Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Searching for people

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